Series B: Saturday, June 16, 2007, 1:30 to 3:00 pm / Série B d'ateliers du samedi après-midi 16 juin, 13 h 30 à 15 h

Afternoon Workshops

    Participants have a choice of one of the workshops described in Series B.
  • B.1: Communities Achieving Responsive Services (CARS) from Coast to Coast to Coast
  • Description:The availability of quality, licensed child care for rural, remote and northern communities has long been an issue. Often the message is that these communities are too small to sustain quality programs or that the families do not need child care. This workshop will use a step by step process called CARS which will help participants work through the development of quality licensed child care options in even the smallest of communities.
  • Presenter: Jane Wilson is an independent consultant and volunteer co-manager of Rural Voices, a virtual support network for ECEs, child care advocates, parents and community members working together to improve access to child care services for rural remote and northern families across Canada.
  • Organization:Rural Voices, Manitoba
  • Conference Stream:Innovative Practices

  • B.2:Pedagogy, Policy, and Quality: Defining Canada’s Vision
    Power point presentation (en français )
  • Description: Be part of history in the making! Canada was identified in a recent international study as the only country of twenty that did not have a clearly articulated vision of ECEC, or a framework outlining broad curriculum goals. Join us to learn what Canadians have been saying - and share your vision for creating a national vision.
  • Presenter: Monica Lysack is the Executive Director of the Child Care Advocacy Association of Canada and has been involved in the early learning and child care profession for nearly three decades. In her current role, she is involved in several action research projects.
  • Organization:Child Care Advocacy Association of Canada Conference stream:Advanced Practitioner

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  • B.3: Curriculum Approaches
    Designing Environments for Living and Learning with Children ~Part 2
  • Description:This is a continuation of A3. Participants must register for A3 and B3. For a full description, see A3.
  • Presenters: Margie Carter & Deb Curtis

  • B.4:Inclusion Success Stories
  • Description:This workshop faces the question: "How do we know whether our child care inclusion efforts have been successful?" Based on real children who faced various challenges and who attended inclusive child care programs in their early years, we share stories of successful inclusion, from child care through school and young adulthood. We will also consider essential elements of successful child care inclusion.
  • Presenters: Dr. Sharon Hope Irwin is the Director of SpeciaLink: The National Centre for Child Care inclusion. She is a researcher, a trainer, a policy advisor, and a support to child care centres, agencies, and parents. Dixie Lee Mitchell is an Early Childhood consultant with NBACL, ECCENB, and First Nations Head Start and Early Childhood programs in New Brunswick. Organization: Specialink, Nova Scotia & New Brunswick
  • Conference Stream: Inclusion/Behaviour Guidance

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  • B.5: WORKSHOP FULL! REGISTRATION CLOSED!Oceans of Fun: Making a Splash in School-Age Programs
  • Description: This is interactive workshop in which participants will have an opportunity to experience programming that is designed around children's individual abilities and interests, promoting problem-solving, creative thinking, cooperation, and asset building. It will focus on developing programs that meet both age and individual needs and are open-ended enough that all children can be engaged and experience success.
  • Presenters: Ginnie Gobien has been teaching at the Nova Scotia Community College, Burridge Campus, since 1997, teaching both year one and year two Early Childhood Studies students. Sandra Nickerson has been an Early Childhood Studies Program Assistant at the Nova Scotia Community College, Burridge Campus, since 2002.
  • Organization: Nova Scotia Community College – Burridge Campus, Nova Scotia
  • Conference strem: Hands-on Activities

  • B.6:REGISTRATION CLOSED!! FULL!!Spring on Board
  • Description: In this interactive workshop, participants will acquire strategies for effectively communicating with families. Through small group work, participants will discover their personality, communication and learning styles, then brainstorm ideas and strategies on how to effectively communicate with parents and children, as well as discuss and share experiences with fellow colleagues.
  • Presenters: Shay Kort has been working with children for the past ten years, in preschool and daycare centres. Darcie Inkpen has been actively involved the childcare field for 14 years, with children from birth to school age. They are currently Childcare Consultants for Calgary Family Day Homes Agency in Alberta.
  • Organization: Calgary Family Day Home Agency, Alberta
  • Conference stream: Reflective Practice

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  • B.7: Cap sur la qualité des activités de routine et de transition
  • Description: Cet atelier proposera des éléments de réflexion et des pistes pour mieux comprendre l’importance et le rôle joué par les activités de routine et de transition en garderie et en centre préscolaire. On présentera également les facteurs qui influencent le déroulement de celles-ci tout en portant une attention spéciale sur les moyens d’assurer la qualité de ces activités.
  • Présentateur: Nicole Malenfant est enseignante au département des Techniques d’éducation à l’enfance au collège Edouard-Montpetit et à la Faculté d’éducation permanente de l’Université de Montréal dans le programme Petite enfance: famille et intervention précoce.
    Madame Malenfant est l’auteure de deux ouvrages publiés aux Presses de l’Université Laval : Routines et transitions en services éducatifs et L’éveil du bébé aux sons et à la musique. Son ouvrage "Routines and Transition : for Early Childhood Educators" a été également publié aux Etats-Unis chez Redleaf Press, en 2006.
    Elle a publié récemment: Jeux de relaxation pour des enfants détendus et attentifs et l’Indispensable de l’éducatrice d’aujourd’hui, aux Publications du Petit matin.
  • Organisation: Collège Edouard-Montpetit et Université de Montréal , Québec

  • B.8:REGISTRATION CLOSED!! FULL!! Visit to a Halifax Child Care Centre
  • Description:This option is also offered on Saturday morning. Please see A8 for a full description.
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