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ConnectioNS Mini Journal

Current Issue:

February 2013 (vol 16.2) : Mindstretched By Claire Warden By Liz Hicks & Eryn Wolstenholme

November 2012 (vol 16.1) : Nourishing Our Practice By Elaine Ferguson, MEd

March 2012(vol 15.2) : Moving Toward a Relationship-Centered Practice By Stacey York. Stacey is our featured presenter at our conference, Family at the Centre ~ Les familles sont au Centre, on Friday, June 8, 2012

Past Issues:

December 2011 (vol 15.1) : The Agreement on Internal Trade (AIT) & the Child Care Sector By Mary Goss Prowse

February 2011 (vol 14.3) : Mentoring Pairs for Child Care: Supporting Child Care Supervisors By Tammy McCormick & Glory Ressler

October 2010 (vol 14.2) : Becoming a Reflective Practitioner (adapted by Elaine Ferguson from “Becoming a Reflective Practitioner”, by Carmella Singleton. A PIP Mentoring Skills Series module, used with permission)

April 2010 (vol 14.1) : Early Childhood Executive Directors ~ Leaders and Managers of Change , by Jane Breckinridge and Elaine Ferguson

Past Issues:

February 2010 (vol 13.3) : Mom ECE~ Perspectives on the Dual Role of being a Mother and an Early Childhood Educator , by Kelly Goulden, BAA(CYS), BA and E. Elaine Ferguson, BCS, MEd..

October 2009(vol 13.2) a reprint of April 2003 (vol 7.1) : Crises Communications- surviving Crisis Gracefully by Sue Coueslan

May 2009 (vol 13.1) : Improving Leadership and Management Practices- One Step at a Time , by Jill Bella.
(Reprinted with permission from The Director’s Link, Summer 2007, p1-3. Wheeling, (Illinois, USA): McCormick Tribune Centre for Early Childhood Leadership. (

February 2009 (vol 12.2) : CCHRSC’s Work Enhanced by East Coast Involvement , by Ashley Stewart

October 2008 (vol 12.1) : A Perspective on Practicum , by Joanne Baxter, PhD. and Cathy Smey Carston, PhD(c)

March 2008 (vol 11.3) : Generational Differences: Impact, Challenges and Strategies, by Heather Hansen-Dunbar

December 2007 (vol 11.2) : Back to Basics: The Right to Play, by Jane Hewes, PhD

April 2007 (vol 11.1) : Transforming Early Childhood Environments, by Margie Carter & Deb Curtis

February 2007 (vol 10.3) : An Early Childhood Learning and Care Blueprint for Nova Scotia, by Sue Wolstenholme

October 2006 (vol 10.2): Linking Licensing to Quality in Child Care, by Elaine Ferguson

April 2006 (vol 10.1) : Emergent Curriculum, by Carol Anne Wien

October 2005 (vol 9.2): Piecemeal Childcare and the Role of Women, by Connie Miller, BA

April 2005 (vol 9.1): Exciting Times! Tremendous Opportunities! Coming Out of the Margins!, by E. Elaine Ferguson

February 2005 (vol 8.3): Strengthening Canada's Child Care Workforce: Six Principles to Address the Challenge, by Tammy Mccormick Ferguson. A summary of her Caring Connection 2005 Conference keynote.

October 2004 (vol 8.2) : A Comprehensive System of High Quality Child Care for Nova Scotia, by E. Elaine Ferguson

April 2004 (vol 8.1) : Mentors Engage in "Community Collaborative Planning" by Carmella Singleton. A description of a project undertaken by mentors in St John's Newfoundland and Labrador.

February 2004 (vol 7.3): Attracting and Keeping qualified Staff in Canadian Child Care: The National Environmenatal Scan by Connie Miller and Give Me a Hug ~ Please! By Carolyn Simpson.

October 2003 (vol 7.2): Early Childhood Education- the Cuban Experience by Margo Kirk

April 2003 (vol 7.1) : Crises Communications- surviving Crisis Gracefully by Sue Coueslan

October 2002 (vol 6.2): Voices from the Childcare Community by Carmella Singleton

October 2001(vol 5.2): Caring About Quality by Gillian Doherty

February 2001 (vol 4.3): Child Care- A Work of Love by Carla Anglehart

October 1999 (vol 3.2): Learning and Teaching about Children's Rights by Ellen Murray and Sandra Griffin

Winter 1999 (vol 2.3): ( Safety in the Child Care Centre is also For the Early Childhood Staff by Philippe Markon and Dominique Le Beau

November 1998 (vol 2.2): I'm Worried About this Child: Referring Young Children with Developmental Difficulties to Special Services by Patricia Monaghan

May 1998 (vol 2.1): Disruptive Behaviour Disorders: Implications for the Child Care Community by David Hawkins-Clarke

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